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Euro RSCG organizes offline and online race for launch in Europe

The marketing action that the French car brand has organized to promote the launch of its new Citroën DS5, consists of a race that will take place on the streets and also in cyberspace, via Twitter.
The Netherlands.- The Albania Phone Number List marketing activities organized by the French car brand to promote the launch of its new Citroën DS5 , consists of a race that will take place on the streets and also in cyberspace, through Twitter.

The Euro RSCG agency is responsible for this idea that has started a competition in the world of social networks and that started a few days ago to support the launch of this new vehicle. The event was held in the Netherlands and started in Amsterdam, from where a well-known Dutch presenter was the pilot who had to follow the instructions sent to him by the users, who by participating in this action had the option to win a Citroën DS5.

The pilot has been accompanied by a co-pilot, in this original Phone Number List marketing action, who has been in charge of asking the users of the microblog about which option they should take at each step, to transmit the indications that the majority provided and thus advance in the race.

The route has been followed through Facebook, thanks to a camera that is placed inside the car, as well as through Google Maps, where the trajectory of the car has been appearing.

The Citroën DS5 has stopped at five in the afternoon on the Insingerstraat in the town of Soest in the Netherlands after its long journey through the Netherlands. The driver and co-driver showed a secret password and the first to broadcast it via Twitter was the winner of the new Citroën model. In this case, the happy winner of the vehicle can be seen on the Twitter account of the French brand that organized the innovative promotion for this launch.

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