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Chaos for the Tunisia Phone Number

But one of the most difficult for them to forget and forgive are those that have to do with food. Crises linked to the sale of products in poor condition or irregular become a very powerful ballast. One that is very difficult to abandon. You just have to think about how some reputational stories are still being talked about or how certain products disappeare from consumption Tunisia phone number due to food crises. The last of the companies that has to face a reputational crisis linked to food is the supermarket chain Dia. Supermarkets have been affecte by an investigation by the Civil Guard relate to the sale of fake Iberian products. The supermarket chain assures that it has been one more victim of the entire process and that it has never sold “any product not suitable for consumption”.

As they point out in statements to vozpópuli . The medium that has uncovere this story. However. The data and chronology provided by this online medium are somewhat more complex and could therefore become a reputational nightmare for the supermarket chain. The plot Tunisia phone number by the Civil Guard as Operation Slide – is linked to a sausage company and dates back to 2019. The company was marketing Iberian sausages at a low price. Although in reality these products did not have the traceability to be presented as such. The Civil Guard has arreste six people.

Unexpected Reputational Tunisia Phone Number

Seized tens of thousands of sausage packages and investigat several companies for apparently distributing stolen ham and manipulating Tunisia phone number falsifying health seals and certificates of Iberian products. What is it that makes the position of Dia supermarkets complex? According to vozpópuli . Dia would have continue to sell the products in question when he already knew that the company that was his supplier (qsabor Foods) was being investigate by the Civil Guard and they had already been ask to withdraw ham batches.

Tunisia Phone Number

Dia sold products of the same brand at deep discount prices. The supermarket explains to the online newspaper that they did what the Civil Guard ask them to do at the time (withdraw a batch of stolen hams) but that they did not know that the Tunisia phone number products were fake. “From the first moment that the investigation became known. The company terminate all relationship with the supplier. Hence the discounts were applie.” they say from the supermarket. Qsabor Foods products did not cause any health alert. Although this will not matter in terms of consumer perception of this story.

Turned Into Tunisia Phone Number

It is not the first scandal of the ham The supermarket chain is not the first to experience a scandal related to ham and how it is market. A few years ago. Carrefour already experienced a major reputational crisis due to the sale of spoiled ham. The ham was advertised as coming from Granada. Although in reality it had its origin in Poland. The main problem was. Beyond its origin. The fact that this complaint uncovered that the product of that brand was sold in poor Tunisia phone number : several consumers reported that when they started to cut it. Worms appeared. The crisis of the ham with worms had been a quite strong reputational blow and. As vozpópuli points out . Returning to their story about Dia’s Iberian products. That plot is related at various points to the crisis that Dia supermarkets are now facing.

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